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The Entire Pre-Approval & Offer Process. Now In One Place.

  • Build Business

    Create impressive pre-approvals in minutes. Attract more Realtor partners by empowering them to create show-stopping offers in less than five minutes.

  • Impress Everyone

    Get the wow factor every time! Your pre-approval documents will look like a graphic designer created them for you.

  • Maintain Privacy

    Secure your clients’ sensitive information on their proof of funds, and DU in seconds with our redact tool. In a world full of risk, Best Offer Package protects.

  • Get Instant Updates

    Upload and store your pre-approvals and supporting documents in one secure location. Instantly know when an offer is accepted or rejected.

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Word on the Street

Best Offer Package has changed the way I do business and let me tell ya I don’t want to go back. My Realtors love it and my clients love that I have a tool to help them. It really shows the partnership between me and the client’s Realtor. The extra time I have now is great. Now I can plan to do things on the weekends knowing my Realtors have everything they need.

Roger F.

Loan Officer, Essex Mortgage

I wish I got Best Offer Package years ago! It has saved me and my Realtor partners so much time. The best part is that when I meet a new potential Realtor partner and show them Best Offer Package, they love it! I’ve gotten 3 new deals this month from new Realtors I’ve met with. Thank You!

John M.

Loan Officer, Fairview Mortgage

Best Offer Package has saved me so much time. Both my loan officer and I are often juggling multiple clients. Best offer package makes creating offers so easy! Best part of it is both my clients love how professional their offer looks. They’ve already referred two more people to me!

Susan I.

Realtor, Re/Max

Best Offer Package is a life saver! I had a last minute showing on a Sunday afternoon and my clients wanted to submit an offer. I didn’t even have to reach out to my loan officer and I was able to put together my clients offer in minutes. Just in time to get back to my family! I love that I can do both. Thank you!

Jennifer M.

Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

I love Best Offer Package. I never want to go back to the old way of putting together offers. The listing agents are always blown away by how professional the offer is put together. I’ve had listing agents tell me they want to work with me through the transaction because they can tell I am professional and will be on it. Do you have something to convince my wife I should be golfing with this extra time rather than completing her honey-do list?

Brian D.

Realtor, Century 21

My Realtor partners and I are now in full sync since I started using Best Offer Package. I upload all the borrower’s pertinent documents. They go in and get their pre-approvals anytime they want. No more tracking each other down! My kids love that my face is not in my phone all weekend long.

Katelyn R.

Loan Officer, American Pacific Mortgage

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